Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kira Kira Launch Crate review!

Subscription crates seem to be all the rage right now, but I was never really on board to get a box of stuff that's cute (but I'll never use) or snacks (that I probably wouldn't eat).  Overall I hate wasting anything. In November, Japan Crate advertised in a new crate full of makeup and skincare products.  I've been into the Korean skincare routine for awhile but I'm afraid of buying a bunch of products and then finding out none of them work and then have it unused for years.  Kira Kira Crate does all the work for you - picking a few products for you to try out without too much hassle!

I've gone through about 3/4 using most of the products from their launch crate so I wanted to do a mini review:

PureSmile Cherry Blossom Essence Mask: I'm a big fan of masks so it's nice to have one included in the box every month
NonKuma x Hello Kitty Eye Patch: This works the same way as the eye mask. 
Choosy Lip Pack - Peach: Haven't used yet
Naive Peach Face Wash:  It lathers up well and leaves your skin very soft and moisturized.  Though as a person who has oily skin this was not for me.  If you have regular or dry skin it might be better suited.
Eyelashes:  Always in need of new lashes so this was a nice item.
Yuzu Bath Tablets: I'm not a bath person, so this may end up as a future gift.
Family Honey Soap: It's soap? But it has a really nice smell of honey that permeates through my bathroom. It doesn't dry out your skin.  : )
Hotto Mie Eye Mask: 💖 This was my favorite!!  I had recently gotten Lasik and this promised to promote better circulation around my eyes, making it less dry.  I tend fall asleep with it but in the morning my eyes were slightly less "I need water NOW" dry.  Also I immediately went to Flushing to restock.  The only downside is the mask is rather large and if you have a small head you'll have to push it up (or buy ones that cover the entire eye). 💖

-You get a good variety of 7 things to try out for $29.
-You can skip crates whenever you want and are only billed for that month.
-They post a few items on their Facebook and Instagram to help you decide if you want that month's crate or skip it. 
-Comes with a booklet on what everything is and how to use it.

-The crates tend to ship late and take a long time - even after they've sent an email saying it's shipped.
-Personally it takes about a month and a half to finish more than half the products. As such I've personally decided to just get one every other month.
-If you already have a skincare and makeup regime down pat this is probably not for you. 

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