Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lolita Designers at Tokyo Rebel 8/1 - RVSP 7/23

Misako Aoki at Tokyo Rebel (2010)
Tokyo Rebel is a must for local and out-of-town Lolitas and lovers of J-fashion alike. And this year old store is making a big splash, holding events with special guests. Last year they had the opportunity to invite Misako Aoki to their store for a small signing. Around 100 people came (that's big for the Lolita community) and the line was out the down with people just waiting to see the former Kawaii ambassador.

This year Tokyo Rebel gives local Lolitas a chance to meet the designers from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, and Alice and the Pirates.  For those who are unable to make it to Otakon (for any reason, since they are guests this year), black out  Monday, August 1st, on your Hello Kitty calender.

From 6:00PM - 7:30PM ,  Masumi Kano (Fashion Designer, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright) and Mistuba (Chief Designer, Alice and the Pirates) will be signing autographs at this New York boutique. Due to the popularity of the designers and the size of the store, this is a RVSP-only event.

They will accepting RVSPs at 12PM on July 23rd.  

Please check Tokyo Rebel's post regarding this event for anymore info. What better way to meet new and reunite with old Lolitas. As well as pick up something up to add to your already overflowing Lolita wardrobe.

Hope to see you there!

BtSBB & AaTP Designer Signing
August 1st, 2011
6 - 7:30PM
Tokyo Rebel
170 Avenue B
New York, NY

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shake Ramen Salad - Japan Street Fair 7/24

Okonomiyaki anyone? (Japan Block Fair 2009)
Fried oreos and gyros are starting to taste the similar. And the reggaeton music is starting to just be a buzz in your ear. These are signs that you are suffering from street fair depression.

Everything is kind of whizzing by and the people are starting to know your name. It's time for you to experience a different street fair (Not referring to the one the day after).

Hop on a R or E train and head to Astoria for the Japan Block Fair.

There'll be food, goods, and performances. Vendors such has Hakata TonTon, Kiteya, Teriyaki Ball Shop, and many others will be in attendance. So listen to some enka or be in awe at the taiko drummers.

Also this is one fair that encourages dressing up. Anyone in a yukata will receive a free gift. Did I mention there'll be food?

Japan Block Fair
July 24th, 2011
Broadway at Steinway
Astoria Queens

*Shake Ramen Salad - cold ramen with arugula, dressing, and typical ramen toppings. Shake it all about and what do you get? Shake ramen salad! (I had this at the Asia Pacific Heritage Festival in Union Square thanks to Hakata Tonton. Perhaps they'll have it at JBF too.)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fast Fashion - eBay Fashion Vault X CDFA Bag Review

Remember the post I made about the CDFA raising awareness of counterfeit goods? I decided to purchase the bag (my bag collection is rivaling my shoe collection).

It arrived yesterday afternoon which was quite a shock as the receipt told me it would arrive in two weeks. I knew it was going to be a big (it was a tote bag after all), but it was much bigger than I expected. Not that I can complain.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nook and Crannies: Tea Rooms in NYC

Rose House
Ever wonder how little old Asian ladies can drink hot tea in the blazing summer heat? Neither can I, but maybe a warm cup of tea is good after being in a room with blizzard level A/C.

Not all Lolitas like tea, but this one does. I actually completely switch from coffee to tea, and it has been all for the better  (and becoming a slight borderline obsession for that perfect cup). Tea gives a nice steady caffeine boost unlike coffee which can leave you twitching for the next one.

Going out dressed in Lolita is like special treat, and so is taking the time to relax in a quiet corner with a pot of tea. This is extra special for New Yorkers who have the constant urge to always be on the move. Which is why I always enjoy when someone hosts a tea party.

Tea parties are grand, but intimate affairs for girls who are into Lolita fashion. It's mainly a chance to reunite with others and meet new people than sipping from fancy cups with noses pointed up.

As well as discover new haunts for good food and, of course, drink tea.

Here are some chill places to try if your hankering for a nice cup of tea (hot or iced) and equally good food. Oh, and don't forget to bring company!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When All Else Fails: Go to the Zoo

What are these things called lines?
The great thing about living in a metropolitan city is always having somewhere to go, something to see. New Yorkers walk at breakneck speeds to their destinations – even when getting lost. However sometimes your itinerary for the day is the exact same as ten thousands others. Leaving you with the following options: A) Wait in an incredible long line (Lines? Who are you kidding.), B) Come up with another plan, or C) Turn around and go home and back to sleep.

This is partially inspired by my plans for the holiday weekend. The other half had July 4th weekend spectacular plan:

Friday – Movie at home
Sunday – New York Hall of Science (Thanks to Bank of America's Museums on Us) or the Queens Zoo (if the Hall of Science was too preschool for our taste), then food of some sort.

Monday – Off to the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum of New York to check out the Van Cleef & Arpels exhibit, and having lunch at Alice's Tea Cup.

What actually happened was:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Can't Fake Fashion

via Racked (National)
Replicas, knockoffs, bootlegs, whatever you call them they are not the real thing. In the Lolita world this is a big debate, and in the fashion industry it is a slap in the face to designers who have worked hard to define their brand and product as uniquely theirs.

NYC's Chinatown is known as the mecca to find counterfeit goods -- men and women come from all over just to find a cheaper version of the real thing. And everyone is sick of it and taking action.

Lolitas tend to go one way or another. On one hand it's affordable and bespoked for more fuller figured girls. On the other hand it lowers the value of an actual brand item, and the quality is not as good as the real thing.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CDFA) have been constantly taking a stand against counterfeit goods. More active than ever, designers have become more active in contributing.

eBay and the CDFA have collaborate to create one-of-a-kind bags made by designers such as Donna Karan, Betsey Johnson, Badgley Mischka, etc.

For the most part each designer worked with a plain canvas tote bag emblazoned with the phrase "You Can't Fake Fashion." Naturally, these bags quickly sold out (at $150), but there are plain ones ($35) available for people to decorate, create, and, most-of-all, make a statement.

I would love to know what indie Lolita Designers would do to this bag. Fuzzy stars and pop-kei charms for Pretty Pop? Embroidered macarons and sweets from Little Macaron? A screen-printed skeletal outline by Morrigan?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vive la Revolution - Bastille Day on 60th St 7/10!

Was July 4th boring for you? All that American BBQ and parades getting a bit bland? Or are you just aching for crepes and game of p├ętanque?

The French were so inspired by Americans fight for independence, they revolted against their own monarchy a mere ten days later - July 14th marks the storming of the Bastille.

To honor our French comrades who assisted us with our own revolution, New York is holding their own celebrations as part of Bastille Week, starting with Bastille Day on 60th.  

On Sunday, July 10th from 12 - 5PM, you can experience performances, food, games, and a wide selection of French culture. So brush up on your French and get your taste buds ready for some serious wine tastings.

You can also enter an all day raffle for a chance to win a trip to Paris for two! 

July 10th, 2011
12 - 5PM
60th Street (between 5th Avenue and Lexington Ave)