Thursday, September 27, 2012

From the Littlest Frill to the Rest of the World

I'll give you a guess which one is me, given this post. Taken by doctorginger
One of the reasons I was into Lolita fashion was that I could fit into the clothes. I’m well under 5 feet and not growing anymore anytime soon. Being extremely petite makes find any clothes in XS or shoes in size 5 is like mining a beach with a metal detector. So noticing that most of the Japanese sizes were more to my measurements I was very thrilled.

However I slowly learned this was not always the case.

There are cries from people that Lolita fashion designers should make things larger to accommodate fuller figures and larger sizes. There are also people who try to drastically lose weight to fit into the clothes so they can actually have room to breathe. There are plenty of posts about which pieces and Lolita brands that can fit almost any size.

But what about the other side of the spectrum?

Personally, I can tell you it’s not all that great either and there’s no reason to be jealous. You chances of looking more childlike increases by alot. A lot. You have to pay more attention to minimum measurements than the maximum. Ribbon-laced corsets can only do so much (and forget about shirring).

A lot of items will fit but not all; and it might even be your dream dress. As a result I’ve come to accept and learn a few things.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Runway Looks, Lolita Style: Anna Sui

Images via
Those who've passed by this blog, knows I have a soft spot for Anna Sui. And this collection also touches the Lolita fashion part of my heart. According to CBS, she was inspired by the Post-Napoleonic Era and Madeleine Castaing, a 50's interior decorator.

For those unfamiliar with Lolita Fashion, which also inspired by French Rococo period, there's sure to be some inspiration drawn from Japanese fashion as well.  Anna Sui was known to add her love of punk into her collections, so we'll also explore a bit into Punk Lolita.

Runway Style, Lolita Style: Thom Browne

Images via Fashionista
When it comes to choosing designers for this series, I try to choose designers that I fit with my own aesthetic and style. Thom Browne is no execption. His designs are known to fall under a very preppy style but always with a twist.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Brunch: Wolfnights

You don't have to go on a full moon to eat at Wolfnights
Bare with me as I'm slowly playing catch up with posts. But if you are absolutely ravenous for a food review, you should check out Wolfnights.

Wolfnights is a Lower East Side shop that specialize in wraps appropriately themed after wolf-related tales and references. The shop is easy to spot with a giant wolf's eye for a sign and sandwiches equally named "Teen Wolf", "Brother's Grimm", "The Howling", "Little Red Riding", "Once Bitten" "Carnivores Delight", "Pink Moon," and "Underworld." Sadly no Ginger Snaps Back.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Runway Looks, Lolita Style: Peter Som

Images via
Jumping on the Peter Som bandwagon because of his use of florals. The collection reminded me of a gradual sunrise. I chose Peter Som because of fashionista's description. He's know for unusual color combinations but catches you unassumingly by starting off the show with classic spring colors to his usual pop and then back to a mixture of the two.

He's made sure to make the audience focus on the models as well as the clothes with a very bright eyeshadow -- making cream-colored pieces stand out and adding a finishing touch to pieces that already pop.

Which is why it reminds me of a the daily movement of the sun was they way he present the entire collection. Each sunrise is different and you never really notice the changing colors of the sky until it passes you by.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Cupcake of the Week : Fashion Night Out

via Huffington Post
Fashion's Night Out is a celebratory event for shopping and fashion appreciation. It also is an event that brings designers and consumers closer together.  In honor of Fashion Week and Fashion's Night Out, Magnolia Bakery is putting out two special cupcakes just for the occassion.

For Fashion Night Out, they will have a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream topped with red velvet crumble. It's $3.50 and portion of the proceeds go towards the New York City Aids Fund.

The other is a collaboration between Magnolia Bakery and Swarvoski, the "Kingdom of Jewels": a cupcake with a crystal sugar gem on top of a vanilla frosted cupcake. These will be available for purchase on September 10th to September 30th. The catch is that they are only available at Magnolia Bakery location inside Bloomingdales.

Note: if you are a fan of Swarovski and are planning to purchase something from their Kingdom of Jewels collection, these cupcakes will be free for Swaroski Jewel Holders from September 6th - 9th.

Magnolia Bakery's Swaroski Cupcake is the Best Thing about Fashion Week
Swarovski Kingdom of Jewels

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Brunch : Elephant & Castle

Menu says it all.
Elephant & Castle was a place that my husband and I had planned to go but never got around to it. Two years to be exact. And since we had a long weekend and hardly any definite plans we decided on this place for brunch.